Meet The Team – Tyler

Access Advisor Australia is growing from strength to strength and we are excited to officially welcome our newest team member, Tyler Stehr.  Tyler has joined Access Advisor as our “Content Creator”.

Tyler will be primarily working on creating content for the Access Advisor website via blogs, write-ups, reviews and community engagement.

We are very excited about the opportunities this can provide to help grow our community and help you “Know Before You Go”.


Like all of us, Tyler has friends and family that are differently abled and has seen and heard their accessibility challenges throughout the years. He is excited to be a part of something “bigger than himself” and help to create more opportunities for the accessible needs community.

Outside of the office, Tyler loves sport, especially Basketball, Rugby League and American Football. He enjoys listening to music, enjoying anything from heavy metal to electro, playing video games and making home-brew beer. We asked Tyler what his favourite book of all time was. The answer? Harry Potter, specifically The Order of the Phoenix but they’re all awesome!.


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