Update on how we’re travelling for Disabled Tourism…..

We are ALL about the ‘U’ in community!

How are we travelling?

Well, it seems like a reasonable journey to this point but finally, the AA Aus team are live. Woohoo!

Firstly, we want to say a super-dooper Thanks for all of those that have come to visit us this far. A noteworthy welcome to you. We want to encourage you to please sign up. Help us out by getting involved.

The AA Aus team are busy planning and putting on our thinking caps, or sometimes beanie. We want to know how we can be the best resource for the Australian Community. When was the last time you traveled and had to suffer disappointment due to the lack of clarity and advice on your destination? Hence why we are here.

We are passionately driven to close that gap. We plan to assist with letting all of our members know the best places to explore and experience around this beautiful country.

Knowing from our members, that the ‘sometimes’ experienced anxiety and effort involved in planning a trip, a day out, or even a lunch,being a feat before even leaving the house.

We think this is ‘crappy!’

Our energised team are dedicated, and yes, therefore at times may be joyfully drinking copious amounts of coffee whilst researching. As a result of this, we expect to bring to our community many options that exist for travel throughout Aus.

We are going to provide listings that cater to all special requirements. If we are missing something, we ask you to drop us an email and let us know. We are here for you.

Please know that the biggest compliment you can give us is to mention AA Aus to your friends, tell facilities, mention us to hotels, restaurants, as much as you can and suggest for them to get on board and support our community of members. We would love you to follow us on twitter or facebook.

From all of us here

Have an AA Aus Day!


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