About Us

Welcome to Access Advisor Australia – Your Gateway to a World of Possibilities

At Access Advisor Australia, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive and accessible world for all. Our mission is to enable inclusivity, one venue at a time. Through our “Know Before You Go” mantra, we guide you in making informed decisions about accessibility, ensuring that every step you take is a confident and inclusive one.

We strive to empower individuals to navigate their surroundings with confidence by identifying accessible locations and facilities that cater to their unique requirements. For businesses, we provide the tools and knowledge they need to implement accessibility solutions seamlessly.

Who We Are:

Access Advisor Australia is a passionate team of accessibility advocates, professionals, and experts committed to fostering a society where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with diverse needs, we strive to be the go-to resource for accessible information, products, and services.

Our Vision:

We envision an Australia where accessibility is not just a requirement but a way of life. Through our comprehensive resources, consultations, and partnerships, we aim to promote a culture of inclusivity that extends across every aspect of our society.

What Sets Us Apart:

Comprehensive Resources: Whether you are an individual seeking information on accessible venues, a business aiming to enhance inclusivity, or a government agency working towards compliance, Access Advisor Australia offers a wealth of resources tailored to your needs.

Community Engagement: we prioritise the power of authentic, community-driven insights. Similar to sincere word-of-mouth recommendations, our platform is a space where individuals share their real-life experiences with accessibility at different venues. This approach goes beyond standard information, providing a dynamic forum for users to contribute honest reviews. By offering firsthand accounts, we strive to build a transparent and reliable resource that empowers our community to make well-informed decisions about where they choose to go and participate in activities.

Consultative Approach: Our access consultancy services are designed to guide businesses in implementing accessibility solutions that align with their unique needs and goals. We believe in building partnerships to create lasting, positive change.

Join Us in Creating a More Inclusive Future:

At Access Advisor Australia, we believe that accessibility is not just a checkbox—it’s a commitment to building a society where everyone can participate fully. Join us in this journey toward a more inclusive Australia. Explore our resources, engage with our community, and let’s work together to break down barriers and build a more accessible and welcoming world for all.

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