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Access Consulting Division

Access Advisor is thrilled to introduce our Access Consulting Division to the industry. Through years of observation, we’ve recognised a growing demand for awareness and education regarding what constitutes an accessible space. Our conviction is that by equipping establishments with information, guidance, and tools, we contribute to the creation of more accessible and inclusive environments. This, in turn, ensures that businesses do not inadvertently limit their patronage.

Our genuine passion for aiding others in achieving success in their endeavours has been the driving force behind our assessment of the services we offer.

What is an Access Consultant?

An Access Consultant is a professional who specialises in providing guidance and expertise on accessibility issues in various environments, such as buildings, public spaces, websites, and services. Their primary goal is to ensure that spaces and services are inclusive and accessible to people of all abilities, including those with disabilities. They possess a deep understanding of disability rights, accessibility standards, and the principles of inclusive design. Access consultants play a crucial role in helping individuals, businesses, and organisations comply with accessibility standards and regulations and fostering an inclusive and accessible society.

What should I expect from an Access Consultant?

Access Consultants leverage their profound understanding and expertise to evaluate the extent of accessibility and offer recommendations on updates, improvements, or complete changes necessary to facilitate dignified and equitable access. Their assessments encompass everything from the entryway or driveway to the backdoor and any outdoor areas. Additionally, some Access Consultants conduct access audits of websites and marketing materials to ensure that information is equally accessible to all.

Products & Services

Through our partnerships, we are able to offer some of the below products & services


  • Ceiling Hoists and Lifting Accessories
  • Patient Repositioning
  • Accessible Equipment


  • Access Consultancy (Reports, Audits & Advise)
  • Specialised 1-on-1 Disability Support
  • Business Mentoring & Life Coaching

If you are interested in any of the above packages, or wish to discuss a customised package, please get in contact with us today.

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