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Accessible Fishing Charter – Where are you?

Hi All,

Plenty of us here at AA Aus love our fishing. There’s something about getting out on the water, clean, fresh air and being limited with the modern day technological conveniences that we have all grown accustomed to. Ah, the serenity.

This got us thinking? We want to connect with keen fisherman out there.  We want to know if you have had the pleasure of experiencing a fishing trip with a special need. What made it good? What could make it better?

Here are some businesses that we see are doing great stuff out in the industry for providing a wonderful experience for people with disabilities and special needs.

Have you used them? We would love you to let us know via Contact Us and we will get the listing up and live for you to review. Help others in the community by getting to know about your experience.


Perth, WA – Fishability

Adelaide, SA – Fishing for the Disabled

Sydney, NSW – Fishing 4 Therapy


See, we realise that until we start people talking, connecting, understanding the need for change in all areas of tourism, activities, experiences, than most businesses will continue to run the way they always have.

How do we get them to think about their future business on a more ‘inclusive for all’ scale?

To start, we can do this by supporting a community that speaks up. Providing a platform for this. We are passionate about getting the message across all of this beautiful land.

Letting the industry know that you are here, we are here.  Let the tourism industry know that you are wanting to be included and want the opportunity to be involved.

So, if you know about a great charter, please let us know, we would love to get them on here. And furthermore, help us to continue to grow our community – you can do this by liking our Facebook Page, follow us on twitter and of course, become a member for free to AA Aus by click HERE.

Thanks for reading,

AA Aus Team


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