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Public Toilets –¬†

Ever been out and about and realised you need to go to the toilet. Or planning a trip and feel anxious about a long journey in between possible stops.

Whether you require a full wheelchair accessible toilet, change bathroom or general public toilet, this initiative of the National government is a wonderfully useful resource to be aware of. There are over 16,000 public toilets that are currently on this register, and new ones can be suggested to be added by any of it’s members.

You can use the site to assist with planning a road trip and be assured of the stops along the way. Or just to find a suitably accessible toilet for your needs at the time you need it.

Many options you can include in your search ranging from:

  • LH Transfer Toilet
  • Ambulant
  • Adult Change Table
  • Sharps Bin
  • Wheelchair Parking Accessible
  • Public-toilet-keys

Another great feature is that you can register your trips and save them. You can save maps and information about the toilet stops also which can be very helpful if you are doing regular routes.

Toilet Maps Link here



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